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Announcing the January Atlanta Meet-Up! We've been meeting for a year now and if you're in the Atlanta area and an M-T fan, you've been missing out!

When: Wednesday, January 30th 6:30pm
Where: [u][i][b]SUGGESTIONS NEEDED!!![/b][/i][/u]
First place with 2 votes WINS!

Its highly motivating to spend time with others who are 'effective management minded' and hopefully more will join this month!

Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend, and feel free to invite others who are interested in effective management, business, careers, economics, culture, technology... and anything else that works into the conversation!

Thanks, and we hope you'll join us!

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How about somewhere in the 400/Sandy Springs area for a little change?

[b]Aldo's Italian Restaurant[/b]
6690 Roswell Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30328

[b]Ippolito's Family Style Italian[/b]
across the street from Aldo's, but more casual and budget friendly.

[b]Longhorn Steakhouse[/b]
6390 Roswell Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30328


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I would cast my vote for Ippolito's. Mmmm lasagna. Mmmm tiramisu. :D

Looking forward to Wednesday.

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Paul - Ha! I almost missed your post subject "I need my MT tools Atlanta fix" <-- So true! Me TOO!

And, I second the Ippolito's - it's delicious!

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So I guess we are meeting at Ippolito's as it now has 3 votes. See you all tomorrow evening.


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Ippolitios it is. See ya'll tonight!


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Hey everyone! And Happy New Year! I've been busy wedding palnning and almost forgot to check in for our monthly meet up. Ippolito's sounds great! Maybe we can try the Roswell store at a future meet up and you can meet my fiance.

Can't wait to see everyone.