I want to share a Manager Tools success story about how Mike & Mark transformed my career and why I believe the Manager Tools interview series alone is worth at least $10,000 (actually considerably more).

Before I do, Mark & Mike, I need to thank you for the incredible advice and service you provide. The free podcasts alone have improved my management skills more than I could ever have imagined. The paid premium service is even better. My story, I hope, says more than I ever could with mere thanks.

A quick background - I have been in technology management of one type or another for about 20 years, starting out in Defence (RAAF) - yes Defence is spelt with a 'c' in Australia). I have been at what you could call a junior level executive for a number of years now and trying very hard to break through into the higher executive levels. The last few job changes have all been sideways.

Two years ago I realised that I had made a serious mistake with my career (actually a series of them; the core one being no real career planning). I did some hard soul-searching and finally planned out where I wanted my career to go and set very specific (MT :-)) goals.

My goals included a change of industry and job type at a management level in line with what I knew I was capable (I had benchmarked this, not just wished it up). Those that have tried this "triple jump" will probably attest that it can be very difficult. In Australia, at least, every industry thinks it is unique and convincing recruiters and employers that many skills are highly transferable is, to put it politely, challenging.

I set out researching my chosen industry, companies & job options, required skill sets, worked on closing skill/knowledge gaps (not many fortunately). I made the effort to understand how my chosen industries used terminology so my resume would read well to the target audience and then wrote (and continually refined) my resume and started applying for positions.

Over the past few years, technology jobs have been plentiful, yet after 12 months of applying for suitable positions, I couldn't even get to a face-to-face interview with the recruiting agents. The best I achieved were phone conversations with the recruiters, not fully understanding at the time that this was really the first interview.

I also started rebuilding my neglected network (more effectively after listening to the Manager Tools networking podcasts) but realised very quickly that I had a long way to go to get a network established related to my target (and very different) industry.

After more soul-searching and some discussions with recruiters that revealed that I was sending the wrong messages I realised that I needed to do some serious rework on my resume and self promotion skills. I had no idea where to get credible advice. There is a lot of advice out there; however, much conflicts and it is difficult to know what is appropriate.

At the depths of despair and frustration (and unfortunately only weeks before I was introduced to Manager Tools by a friend), I sought the assistance of a large career guidance/management company. This company charged me $10,000 with a promise of providing me with the skills and support to achieve my goals in a reasonable timeframe (and faster than I could build my network alone). In the end they delivered no real value - the few things of any value they did advise were exactly in line with what comes free on the Manager Tools podcasts & site.

Then came Manager Tools. With the one exception of your resume recommendations (Australian recruiters like 4-5 pages, details & white space) your podcasts on careers and, in particular the interviewing series, completely transformed my approach and the results I achieved. I must have listened to that series dozens of times and practiced the techniques until they were (almost) second nature.

Serendipitously, the perfect role was advertised at the time I felt I was becoming competent in my new Manager Tools interviewing skills. I applied and not only got through the recruiter gate with ease, I had the recruiter call me back after each of my employer interviews with glowing feedback from the interviewers (even accounting for the marketing speak :-)). Having listened to Manager Tools I knew that I had nothing until I had an offer in my hand, so I kept my head & followed the plan (earning even more respect from the recruiter).

I have now started in a new and exciting position, in my target industry and role.

By the way, I did take that last manager-tools recommended step in my employer interviews and asked for an offer using the approach you suggested - I even received positive feedback on doing so (I stood out from the crowd).

Once again, many thanks to Mark & Mike from not only myself, but my now much happier wife - she now has a much more content and self confident husband.

I look forward to seeing you both achieve the incredible success that you deserve - 20.000 members is just the start for you.

I also look forward to when you bring your conference "Down Under"...please don't take too long.

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David, congratulations on the new job. And good for you for going out and getting it.

[quote]Serendipitously, the perfect role was advertised at the time I felt I was becoming competent in my new Manager Tools interviewing skills. [/quote]
Somehow I am unconvinced of the serendipity. I think you did the work and it paid off. The deal of the decade comes along once a week if you're prepared and looking for it. So go ahead and take all of the credit. You earned it!

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Thanks for sharing the story with us ... wow! We're absolutely thrilled to have played even a small role in your success.


Best Regards,

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When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

And the credit always goes to the student.


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Congratulations, David!

I think it's clear where the accomplishment lies. You can always open doors, but it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to walk through some of them.

I look forward to hearing more about your successes and challenges in the new position!

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Congrats David. Great story, looking forward to seeing you more on the forums.

Say, were you at RMIT around 1987? Your name (time in industry, the RAAF thing) is very familiar...

I'll pm you.

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Congratulations, its a very great story and shows the true value of what Mark and Mike give us all.