My firm sometimes hires contract programmers. A recruiter and placement specialist is coming to my office in two days to introduce himself.

Should I tell the recruiter that I am interested in a change?

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No. They're not coming to your office for that purpose.

Create a good relationship, build your network.

Then, if you want to work with them, call them at their office. Or take them out to lunch.

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I have been in that situation, and I would not tell the recruiter that I was looking. You run the risk of the recruiter mentioning it to someone else in your company, inadvertantly or possibly even on purpose. It also places them in a position of conflict between serving the company and helping you out.

What you can do is give them a good picture of your background and abilities, and leave it to them to contact you if an opportunity does arise.

Build your network, and contact a recruiter that your company doesn't use if you are interested in moving on.