"Why do you want to change job" is one of the question you're guaranteed to get in an interview over here.

It there a efficient, Manager Tools way of answering it ?

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Why do you want to change your job? I would start there. :)

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Will's right: you need self-understanding first.

You also need to answer the question honestly, with positive energy.

If you focus on why your boss is a chucklehead and that you're stuck in a rut, you'll come across poorly.

You need to put the answer in terms of your career growth and the types of opportunities you are pursuing. You can briefly explain why the role you're looking for isn't available at your current employer.

If you're not employed, the answer is simpler...

And "Manager Tools" managers are more focused on effective than efficient...


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Wrote efficient, meant effective. Little vocabulary mistake there :)

I should have given more details, sorry.

The primary reason is that I want to take on more responsibilities. Move from leading a team to manage a department and my actual company can't offer me this opportunity.

The secondary one is that I don't share my boss's views on the quality of support we should give to our customers. I would like to give top service, which mean hire an extra person. He'd rather go for "standard" and cheaper one. I realise I'm a bit of a perfectionist, can't help aiming for 100%.

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The primary reason sounds fine as is.

You'll definitely want to rephrase the secondary reason. Maybe something more like:

I would really like the opportunity to develop top-notch service. I've been watching and learning in my current position. Now I'm ready to take on that challenge.

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Whatever you say, don't say anything negative about anyone or anything. Say positive things. Just delete the line about disagreeing with your boss and you have your answer.

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I would never have mentioned the secondary reason as "row" as I wrote it. It was just to give some background.

Thanks for the advises.


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I had that very question in my interview today. The question was phrased like this: "If we were to offer you this position tell us the reasons why you would accept it and if not, why you would not accept it."

That last part took me back.