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Mike and Mark,

I was looking for a visual reference to explain your coaching model to a friend of mine. I dug into the archive of show notes that I have from the handy RSS feed. I found "Manager Tools Coaching Card.pdf" from August 2005.

I was shocked at what I saw. After 3 separate podcasts about "MT Goals", I could not believe that I read "Goals should be SMART!" under the heading "Step 1 - Establish Goals". Based on your latest guidance, I have marked through that comment with a permanent marker. I then wrote beneath it, “MT Goals only!”

Seriously, thanks for all that you do guys.

Dax Middlebrooks

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Previously noted....

Think of it as a side effect of continuous improvement...


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Thanks, John. I had not seen that thread. I was excited to see the change in such a short time. Aug 05 was not that long ago after all.

"Change is a prerequisite for Improvement"