Losing my job is not the way I really wanted to follow Mark's example - but there you go.

About one month ago I went into an O3 with my boss on the last day of my 6 month probation. I was a bit suprised when I saw the Senior HR Manager there - but not as suprised as when I was told that they would not be proceding with my employment and I had 2 hours to clear out my desk and do a handover to my boss. (Fortunatly it was just after the termination immunisation casts and I was reasonably prepared)

I had no inkling of this - there had been discussions about deadlines at a progress meeting 2 month earlier - but no plans or concrete targets made then. I felt I had made improvements and there had been no feedback from my boss in the nearly biweekly o3's (her version anyway) since, certainly nothing to indicate that my job was on the line!

Anyway I am trying to take the best from this, and have at least confirmed how I don't want to behave to my staff in the future. I also get to use my interviewing series subscription - where I had before seen it as some payback for M&M.

Anyway this is a partial explanation for my absence from the forums lately.

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It's particularly tough when didn't see it coming. And if you polled the forums here, you'd find you're emulating not just Mark, but many of us.

Sounds like you're on the right track. We're here for you.


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Jim, sorry to hear about your job loss.

Keep your chin up! That interviewing series will put you a leg (or two) up on your competition out there.

Best wishes to you.

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That's a real bummer Jim. I'm sure you'll find something soon that suits you even better. In a few months you'll probably be wondering why you ever stayed there as long as you did. :)

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Sorry about your job loss. Like many here, been through the same experience. Now in a better place thanks to many here and of course Mark and Mike and the interview series.

Best of luck and keep us posted.


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Sorry to hear that Jim. Know that you've joined a club with some very prominent members...myself included (although I wouldn't place myself as one of the prominent members).

Take a few hours to think about why it happened, then realize that its the past. Smile, look forward, look around and start finding that next perfect position.


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Sorry to hear the news ... regardless of how well you're prepared, it's not likely to be pleasant.

Let us know how we can help ... PM us if we can help.


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[quote="JimGutherson"] Anyway I am trying to take the best from this, and have at least confirmed how I don't want to behave to my staff in the future. I also get to use my interviewing series subscription - where I had before seen it as some payback for M&M. [/quote]

Hang in there and be strong. Your new full time job is finding a job.

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I recently had the experience of finding my job eliminated, and I wanted to be sure to keep focused on the positive. It seemed like the easy temptation was to call others who were in similar situation (there were over 100 of us), and vent, vent, vent.

I started two different bits of writing: one was titled "Looking Back With Malice" - that was where I'd write all the crap I felt (hell, I'm only human). The other was titled: "Looking Back [i]Without [/i]Malice" - that was where I reflected on 12 years in four great positions with that employer, on what I learned, accomplished, etc.

This worked for me, because I had a place to "put" my negative feelings, rather than denying them or bottling them up. And before long, the "without malice" was longer, more detailed, and a lot more fun to write in!

Best of luck - I'm just another person in the MT group on a road that's similar to yours.

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All my regards to you and your family.

For me, as a French, it is still incredible that people can be asked to clear out in 2 hours ! This is violence ...

You are right: don't look back, this is the past and can't be changed. Work your best for the future, and you will get what you deserve.


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Hi Jim, is there an update on how you are going?

Like the others in the thread, I lost my job too in an unanticipated redundency. The advice given in the forum is invaluable, even if for some of us non-executive types the results are painfully slow to materialise into a paid job!

In the period immediately after I kept a positive things diary and noted absolutely everything that happened to me that could bolster my bruised self esteem. Once I started calling people about roles, talking to recruiters and working on my resume, I kept a record of the feedback I was receiving. That way I could take concrete steps to improve what I was doing. Once you start listening for feedback it starts coming through loud and clear.

So for example, positives are that I have an excellent telephone manner and good email style. Negatives are that it takes me too long to make eye contact when first meeting someone and I can present in an apologetic/defensive manner at odds with what I am saying.

I'm still looking for a role. But I know that I've developed a more focused approach to behaviour that is proving to be of immense value. And it will make me a better manager when I do locate a new job.

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BLUF - The MT Interviewing series helped me secure the biggest role of my career thus far.

Backstory: I have not been commenting in the forums very much since my dismissal but have been following the threads in my RSS reader. I had been a bit down and was focussing on other things.

About 5 weeks ago I heard through my network, of a new role coming up in my town that seemed ideal and I set about following the Interviewing Series guidance from Top to Tail.
I extracted all my data from my resume(s) and put it into my version of 3x5 cards. My version is a Mindmap of Roles with accopmlishment branches from each role taged with skills, traits, etc.
I deconstructed the role position description, job advert and information from my network to determine what they were after.
I created a ONE page resume tailored for the role, and an application letter as per the cast.
I followed up a week after my application as I had heard nothing and was the folllowing day was offered an interview.
I had one week to prepare so I developed my introduction, tell me about yourself, significant accomplishment answers, and my questions. I recorded my answers daily with my wife, and did one video recording in the time available.
I wore a dark grey suit, white shirt, grey tie etc as per the cast.
I knocked forcefully, had an excellent introduction, answered their questions using the examples I had prepared for, asked my questions, and even handled the left field question well because I felt so comfortable and prepared. I CLOSED and got a good reaction to that. All in all, the best interview I had ever done.
I sent thank you notes the next day, and followed up weekly (twice). Then last friday I was offered the job, I accepted it today and start next week.

I had bought the Interviewing Series last year mostly as a way to feel better in myself about the value I felt M&M were providing, not really thinking I would need it so soon. I knew the advice was good but I can now verify that it is the best investment in my career that I have made recently.

I thank M&M from the bottom of my heart, and those that supported me in this thread. My tasks now are to buy my referees some wine (I live in a wine making region) and write them some thankyou notes.

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Great news! Congratulations.

Can you tell us anything about the new role?


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Super! As many have said, quite a number of us have been through losing a job. In my case, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Looks like that may have been the case with you as well. Congrats!

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Great follow up, Jim. Best of luck in the new role! Keep us informed on the challenges.

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Inspiring! Hoping I can get a similar result soon, having been laid off twice this year! (Grrr). This is a great thread. Thanks for the update, congratulations, and enjoy the wine!

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Congratulations Jim - it's great when this stuff works :D

As an aside, like you I created a significant accomplishments mindmap for the 3x5 cards. I'm going to make sure that I update it regularly for any new ones so that I don't have to do the trawl again. What I didn't do was tag them with all the keywords - talk about missing a trick - thanks for that!

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That's fabulous! Congratulations and thanks for sharing a great story.

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[quote="JimGutherson"]BLUF - The MT Interviewing series helped me secure the biggest role of my career thus far.

My tasks now are to buy my referees some wine (I live in a wine making region) and write them some thankyou notes.[/quote]

Well done Jim. Quite a testimonial.

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For those that want to know, I am now the Quality, Risk and Compliance Manager for a private Company that is building and managing three Hospitals in the local region, one exisiting, one new and one under construction.

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