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I've heard there's a cast on project management. Must have slipped by me. I *thought* I've listened and enjoyed them all. Can anyone tell me the name or date? I'm setting up a new PMO office in our org and could use some MT advice.



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There isn't. The "creating a sense of urgency" cast covers some aspects of it, though:

When M&M say they have years of casts planned, I can imagine dozens just on project management alone...maybe a series?


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Just throwing 2 cents in here:

Most of what's applicable to "management" is also applicable to "[i]project[/i] management."

Project management is just a subset of management. Or a specialized set of circumstances for applying "management."

My reasoning is based on this opinion: management is about [i][b][color=darkblue]people[/color][/b][/i], about managing [i]people[/i] - not deadlines, not processes, not work...

So if you were to put together a project management cast from scratch, you'd find yourself mostly refining and focusing what we already know in M-T.