[b]"Our problem is not a bad manager, our problem is that our manager has bad people."[/b]*

This statement cannot be true -

If by "bad manager" we mean an individual who does not manage effectively, and by "bad people" we mean individuals who do not perform their functions effectively, and by "our problem" we mean that the performance standards for which the manager is responsible are not being met, then what this statement is really trying to say is:

All or most of this manager's direct reports are ineffective.
This manager's performance standards are not being met.
This manager is effective.

See the disconnect?

[i]* This statement (paraphrased only slightly) was made during a business meeting I attended. Since I won't get the chance to give the rebuttal I wish I could to the one who said it, I'm getting it out of my system here.[/i]

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Bad people are truly rare. Bad behavior, on the other hand, flourishes when it is rewarded.


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Or flourishes when it is not curbed.


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The problem is a bad manager. As a manager, either you get the bad people to improve or you get rid of them.