I found a good website for swapping books. All it costs is postage. I am NOT advertising it for any other purpose than to give you all something for nothing. You all know I hate that.

I'm just trying to get more into the "Freegan" movement....LOL


Save some money, swap a book....

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That's funny. I was just thinking if we could create an MT book-swap of sorts. I'm sure we all have various books, audio books, etc. that might be useful to share. I haven't come up with a good idea how to consolidate and review that information. Maybe letting someone else do it on the site you listed is the best bet, rather than re-invent the wheel for a smaller group.

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I have had a lot of success with swaptree

It has been a great way to add to my business book shelf.

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We have taken a cubicle that no one uses and have turned it into our company library. When someone has a business book they no longer use, they stick it in there. Same for periodicals - which allows us to cut back on subs (which saves money and trees).