Finally screwed up my courage to try my first O3. Naturally, I thought I was smart enough to "kinda" follow the process as defined. Predictably (in hindsight of course,) it didn't go nearly as well as it could have.

On the bright side, it was awesome! I learned more and connected more in 45 minutes than I had in 12 months.

Moral of the story - one-on-ones are so powerful, I'm (way) better off having done the first one poorly than not doing the first one at all.


PS - Much thanks to all the thoughtful folk who posted in this forum over the past couple of years. I'm not one for the whole "wisdom of the crowds" thing, but there sure seem to be a lot of wise individuals out there.

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Steven - you'll find that with repetition, not only will you get better, but your directs will "learn the drill." And they'll help make the O3's useful for both parties.


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Anything can be awkward when you're learning to do it. I'm glad YouTube wasn't around when I was learning to play the violin.

I found having the form in front of me helped. There are some helpful examples at the bottom of the "standard" form, and guidelines on the back. Eventually it'll be just another thing you do every week, but it'll be a meeting you look forward to.

You're doing good. Keep it up!


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As I reflect back over my career, I'm saddened by the number of times I didn't do something simply because I wouldn't be perfect the first time.

We do, we fail, we learn ... we do better.

Well done for DOING!


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Nice! The trick is to keep making new mistakes...


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Kudos to you Steven for starting... now keep going. The first one is hardest, so great job taking the first step!

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Well done Mark. Awkward at first, yes. Powerful, definitely. Keep going, they get easier and become as natural, expected and appreciated as morning coffee.

I'm in the middle of delivering annual reviews and the comments I keep getting back (from veterans and newbies) is "thanks to the one-on-ones and feedback, there are no surprises in the annual review." So much less stress, better understanding of goals and performance, how can you lose?

If we learn from our mistakes, then I'm a freakin' Einstein! Just ask Mark H!

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I'm thinking I'll put myself through a "What went right? What went wrong? What can we do differently next time?" exercise. I know I still have that cast on my iPod (they're ALL on my iPod) ... so I'm going to find it to get myself prepped.

Thank you, all, for your encouragement. Someday I'm gonna grow up enough to try the coaching model!


(have to say, using the Feedback Model was like breathing from the get-go ... could probably be done with more poise and less noise, but I [u]get[/u] it...

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[quote="svgates"]but I [u]get[/u] it...[/quote]

At least, I [i]think[/i] I do ... I may be in for a rude awakening next month at the NY M-T conference. :)

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[quote="svgates"]...I may be in for a rude awakening next month at the NY M-T conference. :)[/quote]

Well, if you are, we can practice on each other! See ya there.


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Keep at it. I'm in my 4th week at a new gig and my directs love it!

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We have had O3s for seven months now.

With my O3 notes spanning several months I now have a history of accomplishments, coaching, and feedback. I can refer to the record when I write annual reviews next week.

In a sense, annual reviews (this year) look EASIER to me than last year. :lol:

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[quote="tlhausmann"]... annual reviews (this year) look EASIER to me than last year. [/quote]
That must be a [b]great[/b] place to be!

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I completely agree that performance appraisals are practically a no-brainer when you've got the O3 notes in front of you. This is the second year I've written reviews with a full year of notes. Even the direct is impressed how much I'm able to pull out. "Wow, you remember THAT?"

My only regret is that our performance appraisal format is a little off from the MT delivery. I can make it work though.

When you combine goals, feedback, O3s, and delegation, performance appraisals become more like a weekly status report.

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Keeping slogging thru the mud and you will get there. It feels like you aren't making progress sometimes.

I'm up to my sixth week of doing O3's and it is getting easier. I work with a bunch of Introverts that have no need to share. 'Just tell me what you want done and I'll do it' types.

We are talking about life, work and their future and they are starting to ge tthe message that we are a team. It has made me a better manager because they are expecting answers to my follow-ups. Usually, I would procrastinate but they are eager for the follow-up from me.

Even the ones that were so reticent in the beginning are opening up.

Keep at it.

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[quote="svgates"][quote="tlhausmann"]... annual reviews (this year) look EASIER to me than last year. [/quote]
That must be a [b]great[/b] place to be![/quote]

Whew, finished! (Actually a few days ago.)

O3s make a big difference when it comes time to assemble statements for the annual performance review. Chalk one up for the MT way.