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I'm a bit afraid to post as an HR person. After a reading a few posts and hearing a few casts, I'm getting the sense that HR isn't regarded as a true business partner by this crowd (to put it mildly). Its too bad, but it wouldn't be the first time.

About me, I have an MBA, I'm a high D with some C at work, a high D with some I at home, but a D an way you slice it.

I'm an HR Manager for an engineering company. I was a programmer, then a technical recruiter, then a generalist, now a Regional Manager.
When an office in my region has real issues, I try to come with a coaching mentality, not just a hammer and a stack of disciplinary notices, so MT is a great resource for me and I've been using some of these concepts for a few months now with great success. If more managers communicated in an MT manner and didn't run away from conflict and personnel issues, I would have more time to focus on bigger picture items that help all employees so that is the change I'm trying to bring about.

Just as a note, I'm truly interested in what value HR does bring (or potentially could bring) to managers everywhere. I hear a lot in my industry about a HR executives getting a seat at the table, but I don't really hear tangible ways that the on-the ground-HR managers can be the best possible resource for managers. Maybe I should post this on another section of the boards, but if you have any input on this subject, I'd love to hear it.


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Jenny, I get it. In my industry, life insurance, there's been so many bad practitioners that true professionals can go unrecognized.

Welcome aboard.


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Welcome Jenny! Forget the part about being from HR - you're a manager, and you're here. That's what counts among most of the posts I read.


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Welcome! HR has a special role, and M&M are clear that every manager should have a good relationship with HR. and you're not the only department singled out; think about all the socially challenged behavior in engineering they talk about!

There are good and bad managers in every department and function. We very much look forward to your perspective here on the forums.


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Jenny, welcome.

It's unfortunate that HR has a reputation for being unhelpful to so many managers. HR managers who focus on "protecting the company," and do so in a way that seems to avoid disclosing useful information, are the ones that M&M and many of the rest of us rail against.

On the other hand, I have an incredibly helpful HR team, led by an HR manager who is focused on creating an effective working environment where people are valued for their contributions.

I love my HR people. They offer help and advice, but they don't second-guess me. They are absolutely true business partners, so I'm certain that it can be done.

So please, jump in! We're glad to see you here.


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Mark and I were just talking about this the other day ... we're tough on HR (and yes, jhack, we're tough on engineers too), but we both admit that we've know lots of GREAT ones (HR folks, that is ;-)

Since you're here and willing to take a little flack in the service of learning ... I suspect you're on the good side. ;-)

Welcome ... great to have you here! And don't be afraid to push back ... we can take it.

Best Regards,

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Welcome Jenn. Spread the word.

I wish everyone in our HR department were here.

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[quote="hrjen"]If more managers communicated in an MT manner and didn't run away from conflict and personnel issues, I would have more time to focus on bigger picture items that help all employees so that is the change I'm trying to bring about.[/quote]
This is so true!

Welcome Jenny, and fear not. I run a customer service call center and very much see HR as an ally to all of my employees. I often remind the managers in my department that one of our HR department's greatest values is to protect our employees (especially the phone agents, the ones that actually do the work by which we are measured) from bad management.

This is a great place to be and I look forward to hearing things from your perspective.

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I think it's fair to say that no matter what industry you are in, no matter what department you work for, there will be good and bad managers.
The main thing is that you are here and are looking for assistance to grow and develop.

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Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your input on the forums.

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Jenny -- welcome.

I'll second the comments, in that I've worked with some excellent HR people and some who were less successful. A lot of the challenge is whether HR (or Finance or Legal or ....) and the business org view themselves as partners with each other or whether one sees itself as the keeper of something holy.

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Welcome, Jenny. It's good to have you here.

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It's fantastic to have an HR person here! Welcome to the forums Jenny!

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Welcome, Jenny!

Don't feel unwelcome here - many of us love our HR department...I couldn't live without mine! I believe it has a lot to do with implementation. I have certainly worked places where 'HR' is a dirty word!

Luckily, with my current employer that is NOT the case. I've even drug some of my directs kicking and screaming to meet our HR Director so they could see it with their own eyes. This has been highly successful for me!

Like Dave, I'm in a call center environment and our HR group is largely dedicated to supporting and protecting our front line employees. I've been fortunate that their approach is all about helping me help them - and not pitting one against the other.

I love to see different opinions and viewpoints here. I'm behind in my forum reading and currently playing catch-up, but I look forward to seeing more from you on the boards!

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Thanks for the encouragement! I've been thinking a lot about the subject of effective HR, so these forums will be a great place to refine my thoughts on where HR can be a true partner...