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I have used Mark's "umbrella story" with my team. The lesson is that: "Managers, you are responsible for your emotions"

The Umbrella Story is at the 14:00 minute mark of the
cast from January 2006. The topic has also come up at a Manager Tools meet-up.

It is just one of the "hidden gems" of this particular podcast.

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Tom - Thanks for the link.

[i]Owning your own emotions[/i], and it's corollary: [i]you can't control events, but you can control how you deal with them[/i] seem to be among the "guiding stars" for Manager Tools. But it's one thing to tell somebody the principle, and quite another to be able to illustrate it with a great story.

Thanks for the reminder!


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I, too, love the umbrella story and tell it often. Probably not as good as Mark tells it but I still love telling it.