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I have been interviewing for a position with a resource company for the last 3 weeks. This has involved meeting with the CFO, then entire staff, then thirdly the CFO again. During this time I have sent thank you notes for the initial meeting with the CFO, and to all the staff I met on the second interview / get to know you round. Weekly telephone calls and e-mails have been performed.

I had my third meeting with the CFO, whom is doing the hiring himself, last Thursday for a position which will report directly to him and eventually replace him. In that meeting he indicated that he would like to have it all taken care of by Sunday night before he leaves out of the country (cannot remember if it was business or personal). Right now I have no offer.

I have been resilient by following up each and every week as per M&M, and doing my thank yous.

I am interviewing with 4 other companies and it is getting to the latter stages of the process with 3 of the 4 where an offer may be imminent. I know Horstman's First Law, but I am anxious that if I receive an offer later this week I would like to let the CFO know (assuming that he has not already offered someone else) so that I can try and get an offer from them as it is my number one opportunity.

Knowing that the CFO is out of town, for how long I am unsure, when do I follow up next? Do I leave a message or e-mail hoping that he will check it when he is gone? If I get another offer who at the resource company do I contact? Do I contact a friend who knows the CFO and the VP Investor Communications to see if he has heard if an offer has been made?

This may all be for not as an offer may already have been accepted. But I have had a pit in my stomach from nervousness since last Thursday when I last spoke with the CFO.

Time line (I apologize for the detail, but it is therapeutic for me).

04/03 meet with CFO & close
04/03 send thank you note to CFO
04/04 pass along contact information for reference
04/08 call CFO and get update (been busy and he will try and move things forward)
04/14 send e-mail to CFO to get update
04/15 receive call from CFO and come into their office that day to meet their staff (4 people)
04/15 send all people I met thank you cards along with CFO thanking him for the opportunity to meet with the staff - with close in all cards
04/17 receive call from CFO to meet with him that day which we do. At end of meeting he says that is going to try and wrap things up by Sunday (04/20) before he leaves
04/22 TODAY - no offer has arrived

Nervous and anxious :D

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Now I have something. An offer from another Company.

I am e-mailing and leaving a voice message for the CFO to let him know the status and let him know that I want an offer from them.

I hope he checks in.


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It's definately worth waiting, but don't put the new offer in jeopardy by waiting too long.
The most simple way of looking at it is... it'll be their loss.
As Mark says, until you've got something you've got nothing. (apologies to Mark for the poor quote :wink: )
NOW you've got something, grab it with both hands!

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First: congratulations Darcy. Now, you've got "something."

As long as you've been clear communicating that you HAVE an offer, and the DEADLINE for that offer, you've done everything you can do with the first company. Even if the CFO is away on personal time, "C" levels stay in touch!

If company 1 doesn't respond, then company 2 IS your new company 1!


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Let the CFO know you have an offer from another company and assuming there's a deadline, let the CFO know that too. Reinforce with him that you really want an offer from him (i.e., close again).

If they want you, they'll make it happen. If not, you have an offer in your hands and it tells you something about company #1.

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Thank you to everyone.

I now have an offer from the first company. CFO responded quite quickly (yes Hugh the "C" suite do stay in touch).

Now time to review the offer declining cast, and parts 2 & 3 of the Resignation Casts. I could not have done this as professionally and effectively without MT and M&M - but also all of you that post on these forums and provide your guidance.

The interviewing series is golden and well worth the investment.

I cannot wait to attend a MT conference after i get settled into my new position.

Darcy :D

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Well done! :wink:

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Congrats Darcy

and well done, MT community. Nice advice posted.

Darcy, don't forget to also do a refresher on the cast of your first 90 days, fitting in. One of the Business Week Career casts also has some good stuff in it.


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Nice post.

That time right after the interviews are done and the offers come in is probably the most stressful period of them all. The thing that's stressful is that there is so much GOOD stuff going on...LOL You handled it well. Great job!