After a two-to-three month job search, I have recently accepted a new position. I've been with my current company for over 11 years, so it is a big change for me. Without the interviewing series podcasts I'm sure that I would still be looking, or I would still be in my current position.

I can't say I did everything they told me to do in the podcasts, but I did try to follow them closely. After not being interviewed for 11 years, I was surprised how well I managed.

This was a hard decision. I truly like the company and the people that I'll be leaving. I've seen a number of posts here where people are very unhappy, and their decision to move is much easier than it was for me. Balancing security, confort, and career development is never easy.

I work, and will still work, as an individual contributor, but I think that the Manager Tools podcasts are just as useful for me as any manager.

Thanks again!


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Congrats Neil

You just proved one of the great points M&M offer in the interview casts. You don't have to blow everyone out of the water on everything, but if you can show you have 2-3% more on many little things, you can be successful.

Well done and good luck.


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Nice going Neil! And good luck with the new endeavor!