Hello everyone;

I was trying to find members from Los Angeles to link up with and people who may be from the UK (where I have a potential job transfer) and I cannot find a directory. Is there an online directory that could be used for this? I could see how this could be a privacy issue but if people volunteer to be added I could see how something like this could be very useful.

If any work is needed putting something like this together I would be glad to volunteer.


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The memberlist is here:

As you can sort by location, you may find it useful. Of course, it's only useful to the extent folks share their location in their profile.

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There is also a group in LinkedIn which you can join, and see the other M-T members.

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Apologies for my ignorance, but I am new to LindIn. Do you have the name of the group so that I can sign up for it?

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