I just got some negative feedback from a recruiter.

Would anyone here be willing to review my resume and give me some advice?

One "challenge" I have with my resume is that I have a lot of positions and have a difficult including details

The position I was discussing with the recruiter was a Lead Developer that involved 50% coding. And as such, she wanted to see more details on my technical background.

I've tried to highlight my management experience, but now it seems like I almost have to do one, or the other, to make it fit in one page.

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Greg - is it worth $50 to have wendii do it for you through the new M-T service announced this week?

I don't mean to "shill" for the service, but if you're not aware of it, it seems like a helluva proposition.

I'm sure there are still many of us on the forums willing to take a crack at it - but hey, we're amateurs!


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It's absolutely worth it. I'm sorry, I must have missed that announcement. Wendii has helped me in the past, and I'd be the last person to avoid giving her $50 in exchange for her excellent advice

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You'll see a link under "Products" on the main M-T page (I'm providing this commission-free, wendii :lol: ).