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[url= a recent piece on[/url], Anthony Balderrama notes:

[quote]Make your résumé visually appealing by using bulleted lists, plenty of white space and subheadings.[/quote]

Yeah, and don't forget to blow it up to 6 pages while you are at it.....

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Yikes, no kidding.

I'm tempted to say that this must just be for recent college grads, but even a newly graduated job-seeker should have a large amount experience to write about if they were working hard in school/interns.

The worst part is that if I go back to my 1st post-grad resume, it's all bulleted lists and subheadings... live and learn, live and learn~

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While that bit of advice can be taken to extremes, his reasoning is pretty sound:

[quote]Before an employer even reads your résumé, he or she forms an impression based on how it looks. It's a snap judgment that can't be avoided – after all, don't you immediately zone out when you receive an e-mail that's one huge block of text?[/quote]


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Isn't the cover letter the piece that conveys the first impression?


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You are right aout the covering letter but bear in mind that the covering letter is read once and then is pretty much discarded. After that, your resume needs to stand on its own.

The advice in that article seems pretty sound, if not very detailed so I think picking out that one sentence is a bit snarky. The question of readability is the thing I find off-putting about the one page format. The use of whitespace, consistent fonts and document structure all go to making a document more "user friendly". I'm not defending a waffly six page resume, mind you.