Hello all,

I'm a newbie member, and I have to say that the site has been a wonderful resource so far.

I am in an uncommon situation, and would love to hear some advice on how to handle this on my resume.

My brief bio: BA Math, then software engineer for 10 years, then stay-at-home dad for 7 years. While staying at home I earned an MS in computational finance. Now I want to reenter the workforce in this new capacity.

I addressed the 7-year gap in work experience by stating quite plainly that from Jan 01 to present I was a stay at home dad.

But where do I add the new degree to make it clear that I've been retooling recently and that I want to head in a new direction? Is this just something I leave for the cover letter? Dare I include my MS near the top of my resume? :o

Thanks very much for your input.

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Hmmm. Certainly get the degree in your education section. Consider the degree as an accomplishment "Earned MS in ... " in your stay at home Dad section.

What you have accomplished is wonderful. It will come through when you get an interview!

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Tom's on the right track - and don't forget about your cover letter (because it doesn't follow a strict chronological order, or distinquish between categories like "work" and "education").

Think about how you'll state your propostion (why and how the MS makes you more valuable to them: it's not the degree,[i] it's what you can do [/i]because of what you learned getting the degree...) as a sentence in your cover letter. Then, you might find a way to reverse engineer it into your resume.