Hi guys,

I am on my second interview next Thursday and have been asked to give a 30 minute presentation on how i would manage the department.

Currently I am an individual contributor of a systems support team that our manager has just moved to another company and we have been merged with the networking team under the same manager.

A position has been opened up that will manage all of the team managers and have an overall management of the entire department, reporting to the group IT manager.

I am currently working through a 30 minute presentation to present to the IT Director, HR rep and group IT Manager. I know one major question will come up, that is, 'how will i deal with the network manager who will think he should have been given the position in the first place?' Bearing in mind that i will be being promoted above someone who is currently my manager.

Obviously my first thought is that i would make sure i started one on ones and gain credibility with him. However, i am not sure that angle is strong enough to win them over in a presentation.

Do you have any thoughts that might help me out?

I would also like to thank you for all your help with the interview process, the thank you note worked incredibly well and the interview series has not only helped me get this far, but has made it a pleasure doing interviews!

Kindest regards,

Torquil Harkness

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You should know your leadership style (see the podcast on that topic).

Define the things you would do: weekly staff meetings, one on ones, etc. Define how you would measure performance. Make sure you talk about developing your people: coaching and delegation.

This sets you up to answer the tough question. Make it clear that you see him as a critical asset, and that you want him to be given full responsibility for his area. According to your style, describe specifically how you would collaborate with him, working to set goals while giving him full rein to run his group. Essentially, you'll treat him professionally.


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Thank you John, that is excellent.

I will work on the points you mention and not only incorporate in to my presentation, but be prepared for the hard questions at the end.

I appreciate you posting :-)