Just got back from the NY Effective Manager conference (as opposed to the planned [i]non[/] Effective Manager conference :lol: ) and was scheduled to help interview a candidate for another department. I was cringing as I agreed to do the interview with my colleague - Mark's voice was ringing in my ears, "NO!"

I'm at the stage where I know I'm doing it wrong and even why it's wrong, but I'm not yet doing it right.


PS - I did pick up on the candidates High D High I ..

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Perhaps the hardest word to say in the workplace is "No."

Behind the reluctance often lurks fear; the consequences of "No": they won't do us a favor when we need it. They will undermine us when they get a chance. They will hold us in lower esteem. They will complain to our boss. They will think us lazy.

In reality, the most likely outcome is they won't remember or care by the time the next month rolls around. And we would have spent our time on something more effective.

You can't change the past, but you can change the future.


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Progress not perfection, my friend. Next time, say "No." This time, shrug it off and keep moving just like Mark does. Do you think he is still playing out the conference in his head and punishing himself for any little mistakes he made? I assure you he is not. Don't beat yourself up.