So, 3 weeks ago, i had schedualed a resume update, re-writing most of it, almost the MT way.

2 days later, guess what...a position became availiable at my current employer, as i already had my resume up to date, a quick cover letter and i had applied for the job within an hour of it being advertised

This response as well as my strong interview skills got me the job, without MT i wouldnt have had my resume up to date.

Something for us all to think about

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Now that you've got it up to date, set yourself a monthly reminder to pull it out and mark it up. You'll have new accomplishments in your new role. Even if they don't feel "big" at first, jot them down. Keep your work history alive. This is a living document. It will allow future updates to go so much smoother!

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Domobrien, that is a great story. Congratulations on getting the job.

Some call it luck. I prefer to believe the adage that "luck" is where opportunity meets preparation.

I totally agree with Chuck (as I always do... he's brilliant). Schedule regular resume update times on your calendar. It is your career management document. I have a 30 minute "meeting with myself" every other month and stick to it religiously. I also find that I add bullets to my resume all the time so that when I get to my bi-monthly review I am spending time going through a bunch of things I've added and (typically) re-wording or tweaking.