I was given a final project of 25 questions to be answered by a business owner, supervisor, or manager;someone who manages people.

This is for my labor relations class due today 6pm eastern time.
Unfortunately the person who promised to answer my questions did not make time for me after all.

Questions can be answered with NA if not applicable to you.

I can either send you the photographed questions via email or I can ask you over the phone.

I would be really thankful if someone would answer these questions for me.


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Perhaps you should just post your questions in this forum and we can answer them as a group. You should get better answers. I would bet though that you are not going to make your deadline in....*looks at watch*....3 hours.

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Hopefully the links to the images below will show.

i just tried the links to the scanned images but they don't work. :( currencly looking for other ways to make this work.

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Hi Maren

I can't access those links. However, being a part-time college professor, I would be calling my instructor right now and giving him or her an update on what happened, just like you would do with a manager if you were behind on a deadline.

And if you were really smart, you would offer a couple of alternatives for getting this in past deadline.

BIG HINT - DON'T SUGGEST AN ALTERNATIVE THAT MAKES MORE WORK FOR YOUR INSTRUCTOR. EG, IF YOU LET ME HAND THIS IN LATE, I CAN DO AN EXTRA ASSIGNMENT. Why would I want to create an extra assignment and then have to take more of my time to grade it?

Think about minimizing your penalties while getting an extension. Good luck.


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Hi Maren,

they worked for me. Unfortunately, I can't help with the answers. :-(


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Thanks for trying Wendii :)

asteriskrntt1, thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately my professor has to turn in her grades tomorrow. But i'll still try and see what I can do to extend my time limit if I don't get answers.

[b]I'll be willing to email the scanned questions to anyone who wants to help but cannot view the images.[/b]


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Thanks to all who tried to help. The deadline is upon me now and i've just decided to write a paper that was assigned to some other students. hopefully she'll accept it.


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Perhaps you should just post your questions in this forum and we can answer them as a group.