I have an interview for a VP position with a company, and they are sending the corporate jet to pick me up. The hiring manager will be on board during my trip back to the company's hometown. Back in town, I will interview with the hiring manager and the C-level who the hiring manager reports into. I will fly back later that day after the interview.

Any advice/thoughts on how to manage this process? Aside from "treating this as just another interview", should I do anything different? Has anyone else dealt with this situation?

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connick -
Nice. It's an interview from the moment you step onto the tarmac. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that you're being observed.

Plus, you might find that you and the hiring manager are not the only passengers - even corporate jets are being used a little bit more efficiently these days...

Careful about not letting your guard down during several hours with the hiring manager during the flight (I don't know: double prepare for double the length of interview?).

Be professional, thoughtful and courteous toward the cabin staff (they see the C-level all the time!).

And to avoid looking out of place or taken up by being on a private jet: really focus on the PEOPLE, and not the setting.

Good Luck!


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Hugh covered it. All I can say is ..... COOL!

I'm not jaded enough to not be impressed. NICE and GOOD LUCK!