[b]Since I asked for (and followed) the advice of Mark and the MT community in November 2007, several great things have developed. Below is a brief recap and an update. For now, I'll just say: WOW! MY WORLD IS ROCKED![/b]

[u][b]November 2007[/b][/u]
I asked for advice on a “Career Development discussion with SVP” in this thread: [url]

[b]Cliff notes[/b]
-I met with my SVP the discussion.
-I received some coaching and adjusting feedback. (It took the wind out of my sails a bit)
-We discussed a plan for my career
-His recommendation: MBA now while in a job that I know and can do well, then international assignment.
-My thoughts: I would prefer the opposite order, but I did “ask” for his advice and got it. After some thought, it does make sense and is not “stalling”.

[u][b]December-May 2007[/b][/u]
NOTHING. Just several months on solid hard work with focus on over-delivering his projects and improving the behaviors he mentioned. Also, I made my relationships with colleagues and clients a priority – focusing on quality of service, communication and their expectations.

[b]In my spare time:[/b]
-Visited MBA schools and classes
-Started the process of getting my company’s corporate sponsorship of my MBA in writing
-Started the application for my chosen school
-Networked like never before! Stayed in touch with everyone and actively built my network with colleagues in our corporate headquarters (where I want to work for an international assignment)
-Had 2 interviews with outside companies just to see

To be perfectly candid, during this time, I really questioned the path I was pursuing. If things would really happen. I doubted everything. Would the economy change our business situation substantially? Would they actually approve ~$90,000 for an MBA at my level? If they did, could I be patient and see everything through? I wasn’t sure, but figured I would get as many “irons” in the fire as possible and worst case scenario I would have to choose between 3 great options.

-Option 1: stay in current job, get an MBA then do international assignment
-Option 2: accept another job with a domestic company (and start all over with no promise of international assignment)
-Option 3: accept an international assignment with another company (least likely)

[u][b]June 2007[/b][/u]
NOTHING, but I did spend 10 days in Europe working our booth during our industry’s largest international tradeshow. (I had done this 4 years before too).

It was a great experience, I hated to leave. In my short time there, I personally caught up with most of my contacts. I was disappointed that I did not get to speak to our SVP of Global Marketing in particular (one of My SVP’s Bosses).

While there, I made it a point to ask every Sr. Manager I know if they had any projects that “Man, if I just had someone fresh out of business school, I would love for them to work on xxxx...".

No specifics projects came out of these conversations, but I felt they were good to have. Just to get them thinking.

I returned to my job in the US. Followed up with everyone. Still NOTHING.


[u][b]July 2007[/b][/u]
My quarterly performance review is coming up. I do my preparation as usual and am anticipating a standard review with no career development opportunities. Not really looking forward to it, because I’m thinking nothing is ever going to happen and I am going to have to make some hard decisions. Perhaps the company is best served by keeping me in my current position.

-My boss postpones the review. No problem, schedule conflict.

-Later that day, my boss sends me a meeting request titled: Discuss career development opportunity. I’m shocked. He never does this. I am always the one bugging him on this subject.

-I go to an MT meet-up that night. Share with everyone I’ve gotten to know over the last year. My thoughts are: I’m really curious but am “staying frosty”. I have no idea what the meeting is about, but I am keeping in mind the possibility that what may be offered won’t be the right FIT.

-Next day: Great news! If we can find someone to do my job for 7 months, our Global SVP asked if I could come to Europe and replace the head of another group during that time.

I AM THRILLED. 7 months in Europe. Leaving just after my grad school interview. Coming back just in time to start grad school (if I get in). WOW! MY WORLD IS ROCKED!

[u][b]Why did I post this?[/b][/u]
I’m not sure things would have worked out this way without Manager-Tools. For the last 2 hours, I have been trying to find the right words to express my gratitude for everything MT has taught me. I am speechless and continue to be astounded by the effects MT has on my life. THANK YOU.

p.s. I am a long-time member (and premium subscriber) who posts under a different name for anonymity.

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Congratulations! Stories like these reaffirm that following the approach laid out here really does work.

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Wow! And as Mark & Mike always say - YOU did the work... YOU deserve the credit!



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Well done. A hidden gem in this story is that you had a strategy you believed in, and because you stuck with it, it bore fruit. Career moves are rarely sudden and dramatic; they result from discipline and execution. Congrats!


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That's great news. Like HMac said, it's nice having M&M for inspiration... It's great having an active forum for support... In the end, you did the work and got yourself there. Nice going! I know the feeling. Enjoy it for a while, keep working hard, and start thinking of the next goal (or watch for that next opportunity.)

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Sorry my response is delayed, but CONGRATULATIONS!!

All of that took you to drive it; it's wonderful when you SEE the results of your efforts!

Thank you for sharing the status, I'm looking forward to seeing how Europe treats you!

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I LOVE updates. Congrats for your hard work paying off. I remember your thread well and am just thrilled to hear that you're pleased with how it is all working out. Kudos!