Has anyone joined this and have any opinions? The intriguing part to me is some insight on Executive Search firms and which ones might match my specific area of interest.

At $94 a year it is pretty cheap in the way of online memberships and if it gives anywhere near as much value as the book did ( Rites of Passage at $100K plus ) it seems worth it.

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I have no direct experience, since it serves people above my "station." (And don't be fooled by the $100K+ in the title -- the $100K of yesteryear is probably $200-$300K these days)

But if you do try it, please let us know your experiences.

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It's a good job site - one I haven't regretted paying for. And, If I remember correctly, your $94 is "satisfaction guaranteed" for the entire year. If, on day 364, you decide you're not satisfied, you can ask for and get a full refund. Last year as a Christmas present to his users, John Lucht gave everybody a gift of one additional year free. When was the last time that happened to you? (for me? never).

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It is a good site. My name is Bob Whitman, Senior IT Consultant who currently maintains since John's passing in 2015.  Many people implored John, please don't let RiteSite stop, it's too good not to have as a resource for executives.  They said this knowing benefit it provided to them.  We're keeping a promise John made to preserve RiteSite, while not all changes are visible, servers and software are being updated to the latest technology. 

We have customers who joined in 2001 call for support and still receive assistance from a live person after paying a one-time $94 dollar fee, unheard of today in business,  RiteSite feature "Email my Resume" alone is worth membership by sending your resume to America’s top executive search firms.  We have staff that maintain and update our list of 700+ search firms member can access and send their resume.  Today's new members are surprised when soon after joining they receive a copy of John's book, "Insights for the Journey," containing career tips and mentoring, which if followed, are as well worth the price of membership alone.  Having read and reread John's "Insights for the Journey," there is no doubt executives I have worked with could have saved their position by following John's advice regarding "Fit In!"  It is one of our member's favorite career tips.

I welcome executives who would like to join RiteSite’s executive family.  If you wonder about the above, please join RiteSite to find out.  

Adjusting a member statement in earlier note about one year guarantee and receiving refund 364 days into membership, this is no longer true.  Members receive a copy of "Insights for the Journey," and use “Email my Resume,” obtaining significant benefit early in site membership, we have had new members state they were contacted within the first week of membership, so to afford to deliver services with our one-time fee we've adjusted our refund policy.