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A bit of background.. I worked previously for government where I lacked much interaction with a manager. I recently finished grad-school and made a shift to the corporate world. So I am undergoing a bit of culture shock.

I am having effective 1v1's with my manager, thanks to the 1v1 for directs podcast. Agenda, and a heads up email on the topics I want to cover.

I do a monthly 1v1 up a level from my boss, and want to make that meeting more effective. From this perspective what should be different, what should be included not included. Are there things to be taken advantage of with this opportunity?

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I'm assuming you're referring to One on Ones as 1v1? That "v" tends to imply "versus", which is definitely not the case.

Have you listened to the podcast on Skip Levels? It's kind of the reverse of your situation, what you should get from the people two levels down from you, but could tell you what your boss' boss wants to know from you.

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Do you mean that you are doing O3s as a direct report? One of the major tenets of MT is that YOU do NOT manage your boss! However, there is [url=]this podcast[/url], and [url=]Part 2[/url].

Hopefully, it is the boss who called the meeting.

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Sorry for the lingo mistakes. Yes O3s "1v1" tends to be the language we use for One on One.

I do a weekly o3 with my boss and monthly with my boss's boss. I want to understand if there is anything I should do different for preparing for my boss's boss meeting.

I am not trying to manage my boss or my boss's boss. I am trying to improve my communication to them, and make these interactions more effective.

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I would think the only thing you should do differently for the O3 with your boss' boss would be to do you best to understand what he wants to get out of the O3. Help him make it an effective O3 by hitting on his concerns and being prepared just like you are for your direct boss.

Great job using the O3 for the directs podcast!


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