I'm not referring to a post-interview follow up with thank you card.

I mean: once you have sent a resume [b][i]at the hiring manager's request[/i][/b], how long do you wait before calling? I have a lot more time on my hands than the person doing the hiring. I am EAGER to get a position. I don't want to appear desperate, even though I am. :cry:

What do you think?

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Jeff -
I think John Lucht talked about this in the recent series (second part?) with M/M. It wasn't this exact situation you asked about, but think I remember him (and Mark) talking about telling the hiring manager when you'll be calling to follow up, and making it short enough a time that he'll keep it at the top of his pile (and maybe even in his read-at-home folder).

Even if I'm only dreaming, this seems to be good advice to use in response to your question:

Send the resume, and note when you'll be calling to follow up. Give him a couple of days from the day you think he'll receive it by postal mail, or from the day you send it by email.

More than a day / less than a week.

How's that for vague guidance? :lol:


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Hi Jeff

I feel your pain. In the interview series, M&M suggest following up 14 times, once a week. If they requested your resume, I don't see why you couldn't contact them after 3 full business days.

Your follow up should be specific, whether by voice or email. Eg,

Hi Jeff,

It is *RNTT. I am following up on the resume (interview or whatever) you asked me for. I would like to set up a time to meet face-to-face with you. Is Tuesday good or Thursday better?


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Hi Jeff

My two observations about job searching. I'm sure you're aware of both, but they bear repeating:

[list]Employers never do anything for YOUR reasons, and

Employers never do anything according to YOUR schedule.[/list:u]

And as the lyric goes: waiting is, indeed, "the hardest part."


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Thanks guys.

I ended up calling back on one after 2 days had elapsed, and that went well. Another I waited an additional day and they called me back, now we are playing phone tag. The waiting is indeed the hardest part!

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You can also be fairly specific about when you will be around to cut down on the phone tag...sometimes they listen, sometimes not.

Hi Bob

It is Jeff. I know how frustrating phone tag can get. If you want to give me a call on Tuesday, I am available from 9-12, then in a series of meetings etc.

I find this technique helpful