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I think I know the answer here but my boss has provided some negative feedback on how many smoking beaks (gathered from other senior leaders outside our division) one of my directs takes. I just took over this team, and want to follow rollout cast.... but do i just hold the adjusting feedback and give it at a later time or do I just have the discussion outside of the feedback model.



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This is one of those times when the decision is not yours to make. Your boss has decided for you. You need to handle

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If the problem is so bad that your boss knows about it, then you need to act now.

Think of it this way: Your new boss gave you an assignment. Are you going to complete your assignment?

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Agreed. You've been "given an order" so it's not a discretionary call for you to make.

Interesting though: does your boss harbor any more baggage regarding your team? Find out sooner rather than later.


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Should I use the feedback model or another approach?

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Feedback model is the perfect vehicle for this. Please let us know how it works out.

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Feedback is the right tool. Coaching would be too much.

When you take so many smoke breaks, the director mentions it to me. Since this is the first time I'm saying something, this is not an issue today and I want to stay that way. What can do you do differently in the future?

Remember to smile


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[quote="sbockh01"]Should I use the feedback model or another approach?[/quote]

Yep. Focus on behavior and impact.
"When you spend X amount of time outside smoking each day, here's what happens....."
"When you take 8 smoke breaks a day, here's what happens...."

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And [u][b]DON'T[/b][/u] throw your boss under the bus by initimating in any way that HE gave you the feedback...

[i](Sorry if that's insulting and obvious - but I had this vision of you saying "The Boss says..")[/i] :lol:


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Yes, use the feedback model, but I don't recomend using your boss in the impact part of the model. Keep the impact to how impacts you or the team.

Remember - keep your tone light, like it's no big deal, just asking for a small adjustement.

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I am going to swim up stream a little here and recommend against using the FB model completely.

Do cite the behavior and the consequences, and definitely get them to own what they can do about.

However, I do not think you want this to be the first “Can I give you some Feedback” to this person. It will make it very hard for you to introduce it to him down the road without it having serious taint. The reason for the question is both to ensure the recipient’s state of mind but to also establish a pattern of when you hear this, you are going to get FB and that is a specific thing, etc etc. Do not put hundreds of future feedback deliveries at risk by trying to make it “official FB” before it is time.

The employee will never know the difference since you will still use the meat of it.

That is my .02 anyway.


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Mike has a point. I think that the assumption here is that you give feedback regularly. If you don't this might be a problem. Then again, it MUST be done. Your boss has demanded it.

I'd still give them the feedback, then if you are not already doing it, start the management trinity as recommended with your team. You are going to need to do some damage control but that's why they pay you the big bucks.

Management is sometimes sloppy but we are after improvement not perfection.