It's been nearly 2 years since I first found Manager Tools, and after listening to part 2 of the Rolling out the Trinity cast just now, I am now, for the first time, completely caught up and have listened to all the casts.

Those of you that have listened to all of the casts, how long did it take you to get through them?


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The first time, or the second time? :D

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A few months, but I have an hour and 20 commute.

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I started listening after #5, so for me... 8)

PS -- This is a gratuitous post intended solely to increase my number of posts.

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It was easier for those of us who found MT early on.

I think I had about 18 months of casts to listen to and made it through 3 or 4 casts a day for as long as it took.

It was a life-changing experience though. Up there with my first exposure to "7 Habits" and "Now Discover Your Strengths"

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Congratulations! It's a non-trivial accomplishment, regardless of how long it took to get there.


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Well done! Now if you grab any one at random and re-listen to it, you might be surprised how much MORE there is that you forgot!


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Congratulations. It took me about six months. I have listened to the casts around the management trinity multiple times. I listen during the comute, plus I listen while working out at lunch.

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Nice going!! I'm still working on it -- but can claim that there are some I have listened to more than once.

MT was the primary reason I bought an iPod. 8)

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Having joined in Nov 2006, it took a few months to catch up.

I listen to the casts when doing yard work or exercising and therefore have listened to some casts several times.

I also purchased an iPod expressly for listening to MT.

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[quote="tlhausmann"]I also purchased an iPod expressly for listening to MT.[/quote]

Me three.

Joined in June of '07 and was a non-member for a bit prior to that. I was caught up before attending the Chicago Conference, but have allowed other things to take priority and a small backlog of 5 casts to develop since then. I plan to rectify that over the next week.

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I listened to all of them a few times but over the period of years. Pretty much as they came out + refreshers. What you did is no trivial task. Congratulations!

By the way, the slides and show notes of the premium subscription help a bunch with the refreshers.

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I discovered Manager-Tools in March, 2008, just too late for the Chicago conference. I finished catching up to all the podcasts, early this month, August 2008. I do listen to quite a few other podcasts too, and stayed current on all of those while catching up to MT, but listening while commuting (>30 min each way) and walking the dog (~hour daily) makes good use of that time.

I have listened to quite a few of them more than once. I've sorted out playlists (One-on-Ones, feedback, presentations, effective meetings, etc.) in WMP, and will load a related set to my mp3 player for a second (third, nth) listen.

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Hmmm.... Maybe Apple could sponsor the guys to go down under. Sounds like MT is solely responsbile for generating at least a (small) fraction of their sales. :wink:

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It took me about six months to get through my backlog. It took longer because I listened to many casts (Trinity and DISC casts) multiple times.

I listen to MT in the gym when I lift, which is sometimes awkward. People usually listen to music with a heavy beat to get them riled up. A couple of times, while resting between sets, people would see me looking really intent on what I was listening to and ask me about it.

I don't think they were expecting me to say, "Oh, I'm listening to a Manager-Tools podcast on the effective feedback model" or somesuch. :lol: