I've been in my current position for 60 days and want to know what might be expected at 90 days.

It feels like I should be making the transition from the "New Manager Rules" to a plan for action moving forward.

From reading "First 90 Days" I feel like as I approach that mark, I should have a plan to present to my manager for what I'm going to do now that I'm "On Board".

Is this realistic? Or is this more suited to upper-level management (I'm a front-line manager with only 2 direct reports).

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Sure, I would.

Obviously the scope and content of your plans will be different, but making, communicating, and executing on a plan will make you look professional to your boss and your peers. Presumably, it will also be good for your group. :wink:

Don't think of yourself as a low-level manager, think of yourself as an upper-level manager that hasn't been promoted yet. :)


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I'd say that sounds like the right thing to do.

Make sure you've build all the relationships that you can, that your internal customers are working with you, and that you have started one-on-ones and positive feedback.

Your plan could also serve to make sure you understand your boss' goals for your role as well. If your plan is not what is expected, now is the time to find that out.

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I personally don't like 'big announcements': I think a day by day communication work has better results. I also prefer evolution and not revolutions so ...
And then you have you O3 and your staff meetings: planty of occasions to communicate your 'strategy'.

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You should understand your boss's style by now, and the communications channels used in the department. If they rule by PPT, then it's a (great!) PPT presentation. If they build consensus slowly, then you should start scheduling those "lunch meetings" where you build support.

In any case, yes, you should begin preparing the transition. Folks need to know that you've moved from "research" to "development."


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Out of curiosity, are "New Manager Rules" and "First 90 Days" books or podcasts?