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Has anyone read The Energy Bus. What did you think? It was just handed out to a few folks at work and looking for other MT reviews.



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I read this over a year ago so some of it is from memory.

If you like the story type of book, then it has some good messages. I put the rules up on my wall during a particularly hard time. The catchy phrases made them easy to remember. A lot are common sense.

I gave it to someone who was being really negative and it helped them pull out of it. It is a really quick read with a very specific message. I'd recommended it - maybe not to a high C though!

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Thanks for the input. It is a very quick read. If you like the business parable type of book this is for you. I think this book, like many other books hits on some core underlying themes of positive thinking/energy, setting direction/purpose, and the need for a aligned team, but nothing new or revolutionary. The concepts are wrapped in a story that I felt was easy to consume. I would rate it a B.