I've only come across this just now and I really like the idea. Especially the idea to teach this in schools.

Not sure how applicable it is to management (other than that we could all benefit from less complaints), on the other hand I can imagine that you can make fun team excercises related to this. Everyone in my team used to know that they can't come complaining to me unless they also have to offer a suggestion for a solution.

Maybe this is big in the U.S., but personally, I have never seen anyone with a purple bracelet around here :)

Was just wondering if anyone happens to have read the book and can comment on it?

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I haven't seen one.

Yellow Lance Armstrong purple ones. Where did he ship those 5.4 million bracelets?

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I read about this group in a Tony Robbins book and have been meaning to check it out. Thanks for the reminder.

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Hi everyone,

just to update you, I've received the book and the bracelets now and I do believe it's really great thing for a team to do together. It's a win win win situation actually... :)

The challenge is to go 21 days without complaining. Whenever you notice yourself complaining (or whining, gossipping, judging others), you need to switch the bracelet to the other wrist. This makes you aware of how much you actually complain all day long (and unfortunately we all do...). Nobody likes complainers, but we all are complainers ourselves, to different degrees. Especially when we complain about all the complainers around us :)

If you managed a few days and then one day you slip - you have to start the 21 days from scratch... They say it takes 4-8 months for people to succeed with the 21 days. There are also examples in the book, from communities or work teams. One team declared Mondays to "No Moan Mondays" to go at least for one day of the week complaint free.

I think it's great. It'll create positive competition, where everyone is a winner in the end because the whole atmosphere in the office becomes more positive (and in your private life as well, of course, because you're wearing the bracelet 24 hours a day...). It'll be fun to watch other people's wrists to check if the bracelet is on the same side in the afternoon than where it was in the morning. If you notice someone complaining, you can make them aware to change wrists, but then you have to do too, because you complained that they complained... :)

It costs close to nothing and with the situation in the world right now, I think everyone can benefit from less complaints and a more positive atmosphere!