Any tips on how to open the meeting up? My challeng is that I want to thank them for their commitment however many of them havent been superstars so I cant really say thanks for your excellence. How do I show appreciation while recognizing some of the people here dont always demonstrate they want or should be here. I guess I should also point out this is something new for our operation. I am trying to make a culture shift and this is one of my first steps so I need to hit a home run.

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I think it's just a matter of [i]framing [/i]your presentation.

Try framing it around the organization, and how the organization has evolved. Then find a way, for each of the people you're recognizing, how each has played a role contributing to the evolution.

Surely you can find a specific example how each person has contributed to the evolution of the organization in some way in their 10 or more years (if not, then you really DO have a problem! :lol: ).

One tip though: be as [i]specific [/i]as you can regarding each person's efforts. If you're really specific about some and not others, you'll sound like you're "glossing over" some of them.