Hi all,

What's the best gift or reward you have ever received from your employer? What made it special?
Or what rewards have you given to your own reports, which were appreciated and made the biggest difference?

Personally I think recognition should be personal to the individual, to be most effective and show them that someone really made an effort and showed them they cared enough to find something specific for them. And it doesn't even have to cost much.

What do you think? If anyone has some nice examples of small things that made a big difference, I'm interested in hearing about them!

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The two things I've done for my directs that are the most popular are fresh, organic produce from my garden, and flowers from the garden.
A couple of pounds of fresh heirloom variety tomatoes are always well received :D

I think because it's something I've grown myself and I'm sharing it has more impact.

Those are "little" non-specific things that I try to do in the spring, summer, and fall to keep things jolly. And, obviously, not everyone is an obsessive gardener that can do this!

For big things, you'll have to know who they are and what motivates them.

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As another avid grower of organic heirloom tomatos, I can attest to their impact on tomato lovers in the office.

Not everyone loves tomatos, however.

Handwritten notes are good.

Lots of ideas in this thread:


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"not everyone loves tomatoes"

and that's why you also grow peppers, and basil, and....

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I've not received that many gifts from bosses, maybe it's a cultural thing as I'm not aware of co-workers receiving many either.

Those I have received it's been the practical ones I've liked. When I moved into my first flat my manager gave me some towels as a house warming gift, I liked that.

Rewards have tended to be in the form of a pay increase or bonus. When it's been a team reward for a team effort it usually takes the form of a nice lunch or dinner.


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Hmmm. It may be helpful here to review the cast entitled "One Kind Thing"

It is challenging for me to find "that one gift." Bringing in bagels or taking the team out for lunch on occasion seems to go over well.

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A substantial salary increase.

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Hi guys,

living in a country where tomatoes are watery pink (and taste like it) I can totally see how great the "tomato reward" might work!

Thanks for the links, also, I'll check them out!


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Hi all,

I gave a skip an inexpensive iPod and the link to Manager Tools. He is an up-and-comer and had a long commute...


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I have no advice on your thread - but I wanted to comment that you seem so eager to learn and ask a lot of great questions. I'm always impressed when I see that in other people.

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The best gifts/rewards I have recieved are generally those that contribute toward my continued development. Part of it is the gift but a big part is the gesture -- I enjoy knowing that there are people in higher roles that think that I am worth the interest. I really appreciate a copy of an article, the loan of a book, and such.

I thought that mgingras idea of an ipod was absolutely brilliant. I get really jazzed when someone intentionaly presents me with an "a-ha" moment - sort of like when the student is ready the teach will come. I realize that I am not everybody, but... :wink: