Do you feel respected at work (by your peers, your reports, your boss)?
What does it take for you to feel respected?

How do you show respect to others, particularly your reports?

I've witnessed many team meetings being cancelled by their managers, because "something more important" came up. So when I became a manager and my boss would ask me for a meeting, I would always ask him how urgent it was, in case I already had a meeting with my direct reports scheduled, instead of just saying Yes to him and dropping my staff meeting. Of course sometimes you do have to cancel, but if it keeps happening because of "more important" matters, I think it shows a lack of respect for my team.

Any other ideas on how we can make our teams feel more respected?

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The best way to show respect is to keep your commitments. Do simple things like be on times for meetings, keep to the agenda and work with the time that is allotted.

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Listen. Don't interrupt.

Don't disagree.

Give them credit for their ideas and contributions.

Ask more of them.


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Respect I feel can be given in order to get - the more you give the more you will receive in general paralance.

With regard to the context mentioned in your post, to me it appears a case for the need for better planning, stratrgising, sharing of calendars and commitments made with the managers and the reports in normal circumstances and take a call based on the situation / need on both ends.

Further I feel in case of 'Crisis Mnangment' wherein you cannot pullout from both the meetings, you should have a second line of command who can conduct /chair the meeting of the reports / colleauges while you process the other one.

Ideally you should issue the necessary guidelines and agenda for the meeting to your reports in advance and request them to summerise the meeting and share the same with you at a later date with more analyitical inputs coming from your second in line.

While this can be 'delegated', you can cannot delegate but only alter your meeting schedules with your managers.
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It's all about giving without expecting anything in return.

What I've found is that the more I give, the more I get. This holds true particularly when showing respect for others.

Another tip: don't entertain any conversations when the object is to talk bad about others. Simply, change subjects, or walk away.