Within my company, behaviors are being rated as important as results(which I agree is appropriate) however this is also somewhat of a culture shift. Obviously the difficulty comes with the fact there is so much subjectivity built into rating behaviors. My question to the group is, are there any good resources available to identify what Outstanding bevaior is vs. Inappropriate behavior? I ask this as I want to build more calibration amongst my direct reports so they can have the one on one discussions with their direct reports so next year there will be no surprises.


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Usually, behaviors that are desired fall out of your companies values, mission, vision statements.

Leadership is one that is big with us this year...LOL. Some of the behaviors that fall out of this one that have been described by our overpaid consultants include: Aims High, Is Decisive...blah blah.

How that translates to me is that I look for behaviors exhibited that fit the categories. They don't necessarily have had to generate results. For instance, one of my staff got huge credit for attempting to move our current work order system to an enterprise class database. They failed but got kudos under Aim high for the way they went about it. They would have succeeded if it weren't for factors out of their control and I give credit for glorious failures. I figure that the way to succeed is to increase the shots on goal...sometimes they just ain't gonna go in the net. I also gave credit for saving money/time by recognizing the failure and killing the project early. Of course, they would have gotten more credit had the project worked but you get the picture. :D

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You need to define behaviors associated with each level for each role. It's a lot of work to do this well.

I don't know of any resources that define it for you, but you could try googling it.

Or you could take it on yourself: Leadership, let's say. You could define leadership behaviors to include: being prepared in meetings, persuading others to take action, and delivering on commitments.

Outstanding would be always delivering, good would be frequently, and inadequate would be rarely delivering. You get the idea.

Let us know if you find a resource.