A recruiter called me today and left a horrible voicemail.. like he was doing 5 things while calling me..stumbling over his script... so my initial instinct is he is over 60 and in over his head. Regardless, I called back...

He had no clue who I was so I gave him 3 reminders.... then he clued in and said... "yeah, your resume makes you seem like the perfect candidate...and proceeds to give me a rambling job description, saying it is a software company that is the IBM of their verticals, and that the company wants to get back to basic marketing and developing a team who execute all the basics. Sounds good to me.

So I said... just so I understand, you said you want someone who can do x, y and z? is that correct? and he gets pissed and says.... IF YOU HAVE TO ASK THAT QUESTION, THEN YOU ARE NOT THE PERSON FOR THE JOB

And I am thinking... did you get to be a recruiter? I calmed him down, let him ramble and thanked him at the end of the conversation. He was surprised at my gratitude.... anyhow, I sent him a lovely cover letter and resume tonight.... and he never followed up on the email he said he would send this afternoon....

Sounds like a great job being recruited by a not so professional person. And I think the trend is going to increase dramatically. I think my next exchange with him, I need to find out who referred me.

Just thought I would share. Look for the red flag and try to find the top performers. Have a great week and weekend.


PS - Ask Wendii - I tell her about all the whackadoodle recruiters I meet all the time...

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Just for fun: why not put a date in your calendar 90 days out to call and see if he's still there?


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There are hardcore BAD recruiters....they don't last long.

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The "recruiting" business appears to be growing. I get quasi-spam (a new word?) frequently to apply for "recruiter" jobs... which is crazy, because MY resumé couldn't be further from showing any qualification for that job. Maybe someone like me actually took one of those jobs, and lucky you, you got the call!