Hi - I wonder if you could offer some advice!

The feedback podcasts have been something of an epiphany for me... and I am really committed to giving feedback to my team in the future.

However, I also recognise that I have been ineffective in the past and I am wary that if I dive in headfirst ot this after previous doing nothing my directs will think...what is this guy on... he's just done some mgt training and has come back with all these ideas etc...

I thought maybe I could share the model in a team meeting and say that I firmly believe it is a better way for us to work together and that, whilst it may feel uncomfrtable at first it would be something that would benefit us all.....

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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Did you listen to the casts on rolling out the Management Trilogy? The series of four goes into great detail.

Basically, after you've been doing one-on-ones for a while and have a strong relationship with all your directs, you can start positive feedback for your top performers. After about a month, start it for the rest of the team. After about 6 to 8 weeks of that, start occasional adjusting feedback.

The real key is having relationships with your directs FIRST. Otherwise, they won't buy into it.

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Great - thanks Tom.

I have downloaded the "Rolling out the Trinity" casts - I'm sure this will help.


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Do one on one meetings for 6-8 weeks. Then you will have the relationship upon which you can deliver feedback.

Do nothing but positive feedback for 60-90 days. That way the feedback model will not sound like a sword being drawn from a scabbard.

Even after you introduce negative feedback, keep the ratio of +:- at 9:1.

Rolling it all out too fast = the opposite effect from what you are looking for.