I have a question for those in the IT industry - is ITIL certification worthwhile? I've been reading a lot of criticism about it, some of which seems to come from people who can't afford the training or who can't seem to understand the changes from v2 to v3.

What is your take? Is ITIL worthwhile?


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Apparently not. Silence is instructive too.


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[quote="bflynn"]Apparently not. Silence is instructive too.


Not necessarily :)

Is it worhwhile? "It depends". If you appreciate it as a set of guidelines for developing your own consistent processes and deploying those, then definately. If you want to use it as a one-stop-shop to take processes and overlay them in your environment - not so much.

Two specific thoughts - ITIL v2 has, IIRC, three levels of certification. The first level, Foundation, was (relatively) quick and easy to obtain, and sets the stage quite well. Regardless of whether you ultimately "go ITIL", I'd recommend that class and subject matter.

ITIL v3, I haven't personally looked at, because of my very first observation - I took ITIL as guideline for putting in consistent and repeatable processes, mapped to some broad stroke guidance that was published "out there", which makes it easier to communicate the whole thing. If I was starting right now? I'd probably go ahead and look at v3.

That help?


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I took the ITIL V3 foundation course a few months back with 13 other people at my company. Everybody liked the training and found it worthwhile. We used Pink Elephant. I highly recommend both the training and Pink.