Mark and Mike,

Thank you so much for both your interview series of podcasts plus your ones on Horstman's 5th Law of Interviewing.

We're going through a period of "site-slimming" and essentially my four peers and I have been interviewed for the one remaining site position. The interviews were held yesterday and I've been practicing hard for weeks with all my significant accomplishments etc.

The pre-interview pack only mentioned behavioural interviews but as a matter of course I'd prepared a tell-me-about-yourself answer which came in handy (especially keeping it in sections so I could keep my place easier). My accomplishments flowed well and were easily tailored to specific questions rather than just "Tell me about a significant accomplishment".

When none of my peers turned up in a suit (they felt since the interview was internal, wear everyday shirt and smart trousers) I immediately felt I had a competitive advantage which probably made me more confident and energetic.

That coupled with my smile, large hand movements and regular leaning forward for emphasis actually made the interview enjoyable.

I found out this morning I was successful, so apologies for the rambling. I'm sure I'll feel guilty in time because some of my peers are also my friends but I'll be telling them about the podcasts so they don't make the same mistakes again.

Thank you so much guys.


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Congratulations, Stephen. That's really great news!

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Well done, Stephen!

Don't feel guilty for taking something seriously enough to prepare for it and nail it big time. You should be proud.


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Ditto what BJ said -- you done great! The payoff is entirely your due as a direct result of your research and hard-work on the front-end.