This is admittedly a minor topic in the grand scheme of things, but one of the things I absolutely hate is how most men's dress socks fall down around the ankles. When I cross a leg, I see my hairy calf and it ruins my appearance IMHO.

Does anyone know a brand that stays up? All day? I remember a long time ago Mr. Horstman made a sidebar comment on socks that stay up, so maybe he'll chime in with the magic bullet.

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Club Room brand (they sell at Macy's and other places) have some socks that include both elastic and little rubber "feet" (I don't how else to describe them) at the tops, which hold onto your leg and don't slip.

I once wore them for 18 hours to test them, and didn't have to pull them up once.


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I buy the bamboo fiber socks from Target. $9.99 for 3 pairs.

I have to make sure they are really opaque because otherwise the substantial tattoo on my leg is visible.

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For completeness, I'll also mention various kinds of sock garters - these are a bit out of style, but they do work. Two styles that I'm aware of, 1) secures around your upper calf with short elastic straps attached to the socks or 2) is 4 long elastic straps that attach between your sock and your shirt tail. The second type has the advantage of also keeping your shirt tucked in.

I don't recommend either, but I did use the second one at certain times in the military. That I had to resort to these measure to avoid catching flack is one reason I'm a civilian.

Over time all socks will lost elasticity and fall down. One great solution could just be new socks.


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Jobst Sox. Just one of the dozens of brands of "medical" support hose but I got over that and I wear the black athletic ones which are very fine for business casual wear. A lot to support hose that I did not realize for augmenting return circulation from the legs when one is on one's feet or sitting down most of the day.

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Over-the-calf socks. Any reputable brand. It's all about length. Look for the longest socks on the rack.