Is that cast that discusses the close available as one of the weekly casts, or is that a premium content only cast?

I really thought that I had heard it before, and I went back to listen to it again today, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I didn't actually hear it; Maybe I just heard M&M make reference to it.

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Hi J

It is in the interview series.


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I just closed today for a public sector job in the UK and it was amazing. I have listened to your closing cast in the interview series 3 times and I have progressed from, it won't work here to omg this is it. And you know what! [no surprise to either mike or mark!] I am now in negotiations for the new and promoted position! I have never closed before - I felt it was too brash and not really me. But I am a convert. It really did work. Not only did I leave the interview on a high, but I felt the panel did too. And now I am in negotiations about the offer I feel I have all the right tools at my disposal. I am so excited about this offer and I am so incredibly thankful to manager tools. This cast is worth buying premium content for in itself. [All the rest are as well, I was just myself in the interview, but was incredibly well prepared thanks to the interview series, and I am very excited that my prospective new employer has experienced me as I truly am].

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The interview series is well worth the money, and I have found nothing like it on the market