After hearing "for those of you who are familiar with the disc model" I came to the site to see if I could find some more info. I have found several podcasts which I downloaded.

When I drag them into ITunes the header indicated they were successfully imported. I cannot find them in either the podcast or music libraries. I don't believe the filename matches the title in itunes. Any recommendations?

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Have you tried subscribing to the Member's only RSS feed in iTunes? That's probably the easiest way. Subscribe then look down the list and click Get for the casts you want.


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I didn't realize there was another option. That worked wonderfully, thanks for the link! And I quickly saw many casts I'm interested in. Cheers!

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Now that you've found the full feed - I would sincerely suggest that you download them all. The number of times I have thought 'I don't deal with that at all' only to find that VERY topic very close to a critical need is shocking.

I have yet to listen to a podcast that didn't hold value to me, even if it wasn't immediately apparent from the title!

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There are a lot of back episodes to listen to as well. I just posted some information to help manage the volumne of episodes available here:

Smart Playlists allow you to sync a few episodes to your iPod and listen to them. When you've listened to a few, plug the iPod into the computer for a battery charge and iTunes will automatically take listened to episodes off the iPod and replace them with unplayed episodes. Everything is still in your library and you can always go back to relisten to older episodes.

Julia, I've also set up regular playlists to go back to. I'll sort the All Podcasts list on a topic. With that filtered list up, I then create a playlist like MT-Interviewing and drag over all the of the episodes specific to that topic. When I want to go back to a specific topic, like DISC, I can just check that playlist in iTunes. After I've refreshed on that topic, I can uncheck it. This is definitely more manual than Smart Playlists, but it is great to have all of one topic together in a single playlist.