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Submitted by gerbzzie on


It would be nice for those with FPO AP military billing addresses to be able to purchase premium content.

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gerbzzie: Are you asking for something?

Sorry about the smart*ss response, but saying that something would be nice to have appears to be a squishy way to ask for something.


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That may well be.  And yes, I would like the ability to bill to an FPO AP address so that I might pay for premium content.

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You could try sending a private message to mauzenne (Mike Auzenne).  He might be able to help you.  

Good luck, and thanks for being here on the forums.  

John Hack  

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Happy to help. Please email me, [email protected] with your phone number and best time to reach you and I will process your transaction manually.
Unfortunately, for a handful of our end users, the credit card verification process is too stringent. And that is why I am here -- am pleased to work
with you directly.

Best Regards,
Manager Tools Operations