One of the items we've received feedback on relative to the new site is the editing capability ... e.g., the requirement to use HTML to bold or italicize text.

In addition, some asked for the the ability to spell-check. 

So, we recently implemented a new WYSIWYG editor on the site. Usage is fairly straight-forward - select the text and press one of the buttons at the top of the edit box.

In the unlikely case you would rather use a straight text edit box, you'll find a "Switch to plain text editor" link below the editor.  Your choice.

Hope you find it useful.

Best Regards,

Note:  More changes/improvements to come ... :-)

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It's nice to have the HTML abilities back! :)

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 Thanks, Mike! 

It's nice to: 

  • have bullets
  • have formatting 
  • have spill checking (what!? no semantic checking?!)  

And creating a named link which hides the URL... 


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Your efforts are much appreciated.



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I, for one, wholeheartedly thank you and applaud your efforts on this front.  Just let me know when I can start inserting graphics!