I just watched Mark's Kellogg presentation on interviewing and loved it - excellent.

The url is

For anyone going here I'd suggest opening the powerpoint and positioning it on one side of your display (or printing) it and then open the video on the other side so you can follow along.

Mark mentioned in the presentation about a list of 40 techniques for being better at phone interviews - any chance of having those posted on your site somewhere? I have a phone interview early next week and could use them.


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I am an EE getting ready to graduate in May and I have a phone interview on Tuesday. I read the phone interview guide on the main page and I am in the process of typing out my answers to some of the common questions asked (which I will post up in a few days), but mentioned in lionel's post about a "list of 40 techniques for being better at phone interviews," Are those posted? I only found the phone interview guide. Any advice will help. Mark, as you mentioned in another post, I will remember to CLOSE, but any advice on que's from the interviewer on when to close would be helpful.

Thanks everyone for the posts, I read a lot of them and they help. Thanks Mark and Mike for your hard work and for helping all of us.

Also the Kellogg’s link is down, just an FYI.

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You have the "40 tips"...It was named that after I rattled them off for someone after a speech I gave...but there may be more than that, frankly.

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Are these still up on the site? I have not been able to locate.  Could someone please provide a link.


Mark, you are a sage and wise man, and most importantly, a giver.  Thank you SO much for sharing your insight!!! 

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I have not been able to locate these via search tool.  Could you possibly provide link?

Thanks so much! 

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A little over a year ago I had a phone interview with a Regional Director for a Senior Management position and the Manager-Tools information helped me tremendously!


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 thanks, I did see those kellogg links in my search, but what I have not been able to find is the info mentioned in some in MT forums such as, "always be standing," 4 x 4 square," 3 x 5 cards, etc.  It seems they refer to an actual list or an MT podcast, as cited in the first two posts here, and Mark reports in post 2 that they are up on the site somewhere.  Any info on where next to search would be appreciated.


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Misunderstood your question--fortunately Mark saves the day :)

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Just had 2 phone interviews with the same company.  The first with HR and the second with the hiring manager.  The first one with HR obviously went well enough to get me to the hiring manager.  I was surprised (suspecious?) that the hiring manager wanted to do a phone interview rather than a face-to-face.  Our meeting was on a bridge line and then see announced that she would be doing the interview while driving to her next appointment.  Thoughts of screaming and/or hanging up entered my mind, but I went through with it.  In the end it seems like a wasted 45 minutes...

O.K., I'm done whining.  Have a great extended holiday weekend all!

M. R.