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BLUF: What MT casts do you believe are most helpful for managers starting new jobs? (I include references to Career Tools [CT] and the Interview Series [Interview Series]. I highly recommend the Interview Series.)

So far I have:

Leaving the Old Job - How to Resign

Thank You Notes to People involved in the Search
[Interview Series]

New Job

Boss Relations

Internal Customer Relationships

Rolling Out the Trinity (parts 1-4)

Staff Meetings (How to and Effective Meetings)


The Basics + Heart of Feedback

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I think going into any job now without a good few listenings to the DISC series makes your life much harder.  When you can spot behavioural tendencies quickly, it leaves you so much energy and frees up time so that you can be a superior performor at your job and fit in more quickly.

I would also look at the managing your calendar casts, and how to pre-wire meetings.



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You're not even going to give him credit for bringing a knife?

If he's not the Sheriff of Nottingham, a spoon really IS a problem!



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*RNTT - I am also shooting for a chronology here.

 I am working on a summary index with an approximate chronology for someone taking a new managerial role.

Imagine helping someone relatively new to Manager Tools  AND selectively listening to the casts to prepare them for the new job. What would be the most helpful casts for on-boarding the new MT manager?

Where in the sequence would you recommend the DISC casts? Would they fit after day one but before starting feedback?

P.S. We *will* pull out of the current economic morass--new management slots will open for MT fans. Let's help get them ready.

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Without knowing a person's background and the environment he/she is entering, I don't know that I could strongly recommend a chronology.  Everyone absorbs things differently and compiles and retains differently.  I also have no clue how much time this person has before coming on board.  Maybe they are in transition now and have 20 hours a week for the next five weeks to process.  Maybe they are leaving Job A Friday and starting Job B on Monday and only have a weekend.

I am predisposed to saying that they should learn DISC asap.  That is a tool that can be used in any environment, in any size company.  Next, you have to set up criteria based on the job/managing you expect to be doing.   If that is going to require lots of persuasion meeting and presentations, focus on those and pre-wiring.  If you are going to be dealing with staff, O3s. 

It just depends.







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Thank you for this summary, which I need right now. :)