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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to locate the podcasts for the 'How to Hire' series.   This was referred to in the post about the Interview Results Capture Meeting as being part of a larger series called 'Managing Talent'.

I'm having a hard time locating either of these series, can anyone offer some assistance?  It's exactly what I need right now!

By the way, to Mike and Mark, keep up the fantastic work. You are changing the business world for the better, one step at a time.






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There's nothing formal (as with the Interview series) but they are collected together here:

The interview series for hiring managers is a great resource, too.  There's a goldmine there for both sides of the table.  

John Hack

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Sorry we haven't released more of those casts.  John's link is good...and we'll gradually get them out.


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Thanks for your help guys!