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I was having a bad work day - too many visitors wanting too many things from me. I felt trapped in my office, and when my direct arrived for our O3, I did something I have never done before. I suggested we move our meeting elsewhere.

And so we took a long walk down the hall to a conference room ... the conference room where the layoffs happened the week before. What was my direct thinking? He thought he might be on his way to be terminated.

I am lucky that this direct and I share a great relationship. In the end, we were able to laugh together at my stupidity. But nonetheless I am embarrassed that I focused only on the small pleasure the change of scenery would bring me, and not on the confusion it was sure to cause him.


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And yet, the only way that room will cease to be "the layoff room" is if people treat it as no big deal. 

You've broken a taboo that needs to be broken sooner or later. 

John Hack

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despite what many people think and the way some managers act, managers are human.  You're allowed the occasional 'Doh!' moment.  Like John says the taboo needs to be broken, that room cannot be forever the 'Layoff room'.  For one thing conference/meeting room space tends to be at a premium so the company cannot afford to lose the use of the space because everyone is too nervous to use that room.



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At least you didn't ask him to gather his things first...

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Isn't it nice to have that strong relationship there to allow a brief drawdown in the emotional bank account?

The big mistakes are not made with a turned foot but with a darkened heart. 

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Good on you for admitting your mistake, and for keeping the rest of us on our toes.