I just got done listening to the podcast on conflict. Excellent BTW! and good timing.

A peer manager of mine had one of his directs get into a screaming match with someone who was not one of his directs. The role power of each employee is the same.

So how's the best way to handle this type of situation? I'm interested in any advice since this could just as easily happen to me at one point. I haven't seen my peer manager yet so I'm not sure all of the details or the follow up that he did.

I'm a new manager (1.5 yrs) and utilizing MT has been a turning point for me.

Many Thanks!!

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Can you help me understand this situation?  ARe you asking what you should do?  Or what someone else should do?  Are we talking about two peers of the same manager?

The answer is simply feedback, but there are some whoI would recommend giving it, and others not.


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The directs involved each have a different manager.

Listening to the podcast it was clear feedback was key, but what if only 1 of the employees is yours? Do you give feedback to just your direct and ask him to apologize?

This hasn't happened to me, but another manager. I suppose I'm drawing parallels since we manage in the same environment but different shifts.

Hope I cleared it up a bit.


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I had the same situation recently - one of my directs got into conflict with another of my directs DR's. The two in conflict are effectively the same level. I followed the conflict cast - exactly - and it worked (as Mark and Mike would have known!)  I got my DR to apologise and everything is now great - in fact much better than before.

I know that whenever I need help I will check to see if there is a podacst on it and do what it suggests.





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Love ya, man!

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Thanks Stuart!!

I guess I overcomplicated it in my brain. :)